Crush of the Week

Crush Of The Week: J. Cole

I’ll admit that I’m an R&B music fanatic however, I recognize a  talented hip hop artist when I hear one. I stayed up late last Saturday night spinning the channels for something good to watch. I finally landed on  BET’s “Rising Icons” where they  formally introduced the world to  a dynamic artist named J. Cole. My first thought was, “let me listen to this pretty boy sing.” But to my surprise this pretty boy is not a singer; he’s an emcee and producer. I was impressed with how he delivered his lyrics like a hot pizza, fresh out of the oven, and delivered in time.  This homegrown South Carolinian is getting so much love  from fans and most importantly, Jay-Z, who signed him to his Roc Nation label.

From the snippet of J. Cole’s life story, I could tell he is hungry and with his talent under his belt, I think he needs to put on his sunglasses because he has a bright future ahead.

“Lights Please”  is the song J. Cole says got Jay-Z’s attention:

Pearl Mic is keeping an eye on J. Cole. We have a feeling he is going to blow up.


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